Why Invest in Bulgaria

Why invest in Bulgaria

Economic and political stability.

Financial stability- Currency Board until entry into the Eurozone.

1.00 euro=1.95583 leva/ from more than ten years/

Member in NATO and EU.

Strategic geographic location.

Liberalised access to markets with more than 450 million consumers.

The lowest operational cost in the EU.

tax legislation

Value added tax 20%

A month period accounting and declaration.

A month term of recovery /after occurrence rights/.

VAT on EU Supplies – 0%

VAT on EU and other countries- 0%

Moving goods between member states of EU without payment VAT at a border. No custom formalities.

Corporative tax

Rate of 10% /from more than ten years/.

Tax withheld-5%.

Social insuarance

Minimal salary 650.00 leva=332.34 euro

Average gross salary,second quarter 2019,private sector 1253 leva=640.65 euro.

24.3% Social insuarance/third category labor / year 2019/.

Divided :
10.58% at the expense of employee.
13.72% at the expense of employer.

Helth insuarance.
8% Helth insuarance /year 2019/.

Divided :
3.2% at the expense of employee.
4.8% at the expense of employe

10% flat tax – personal income.

Bulgaria has established double tax agreement with major economies/ more over 60 countries.

Formation of Companies

Under Bulgarian Commerce Act commercial activity shall be done by Commercial companies.

The companies may be:
1. general partnership;
2. limited partnership;
3. limited liability company;
4. joint-stock company;
5. partnership limited by shares.

Only the companies provided for herein may be established.

The company’s founders must be Bulgarian or foreign natural or juridical persons of full capacity to act.

A company shall be deemed incorporated on the date of its recording in the Commercial Register. The application for
recording shall be submitted by the appointed management body.

A limited liability company may be formed by one or more persons, who shall be liable for the company’s liabilities with their
contribution to the company’s capital.

The capital of a limited liability company may not be not less than BGN
2. It shall consist of the shares of the partners, and no share may be smaller than BGN 1.
The sum total of the shares must be equal to the capital, and the value of
each share must be a multiple of 1. The shares of the individual partners may be with different sizes. One share may be held jointly by multiple persons.

We provide Formation of companiees and recording in the Commercial Register.
Preliminary VAT /Value added tax / registration of companies/ in case of nessesary/
And Company is ready to act.

Data are changible.