accountancy is provided in accordance of National Accounting Standarts and International Accounting Standarts

We providing accountancy of industrial enterprises.

providing accountancy of build and construction enterprises.

accountancy of enterprises providing different services.

We providing accountancy of agricultural enterprises.

accountancy of non profit legal entities.

We providing complete accounting cervices,
bookkeeping of different elements and objects of accounting process.

Inventory taking of assets and liabilities.

We calculate final results of inventory taking.
Realize responsobilities of persons in cases of missing assets.

Bookkeeping of goods,materials,production.

Calculating costs of production.

Calculating costs of goods.

Calculating costs of materials.

calculating social insurance,health insurance,flat taxe, preparing payment orders.

Accountancy of fixed assets,deprication.

Calculating taxes and preparing payment orders.

Preparing annual tax return.

Preparing Financial statements.