financial statements


Compilation and presentation of certyfied accountant annual and intermadiate financial statements.

Finanvial statements prepeared in accordance of IFRS Standarts.

The IFRS are developed by an independent body based in London, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The IASB is part of the IFRS Foundation.

When a new standard is issued by the IASB, the EU needs to endorse it before it comes into force.

Regulation (EC) No 1606/2002 establishes a specific endorsement process under the responsibility of the European Commission together with the following consultative and advisory organisations:

European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG), an independent organisation providing expert advice to the Commission

Accounting Regulatory Committee (ARC), composed of representatives of EU countries and chaired by the European Commission

A complete set of financial statements comprises:

a statement of financial position as at the end of the period;

a statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income for the period. Other comprehensive income is those items of income and expense that are not recognised in profit or loss in accordance with IFRS Standards. IAS 1 allows an entity to present a single combined statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income or two separate statements;

a statement of changes in equity for the period;

a statement of cash flows for the period;

notes, comprising a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory information;

a statement of financial position as at the beginning of the preceding comparative period when an entity applies an accounting policy retrospectively or makes a retrospective restatement of items in its financial statements, or when it reclassifies items in its financial statements.

Financial statements prepeared in accordance of National accounting standarts.

We prepearing accouting policy.

Those accounting policies must comply with each Standard effective at the end of its first IFRS reporting period or National accounting standarts.

We prepeare Individual Financial statements and Consolidated Financial statements.

We prepeare start up balance sheets and close up balance sheets in cases of company transformations.

We submit the Financial statements on Registry Agency.