about us

Our audit experience is more than 19 years.

We providing audit of financial statement of

Producing enterprises

Enterprises providing various services

Agricultural enterprises

We providing audit in accordance with International audit standards /IFAC/,

and Bulgarian legislation -Indipendant financial audit act and Accountancy act.

We providing statutory audit and voluntary audit.

Audit of the individual financial statements and audit of the

consolidated financial statements.

We provide an Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagement.

Audit of expenses of EU prodjects

Audit reports in cases of transformation of companies under Bulgarian Commerce act.

We providing also accounting serveces.
Our accountancy experience is more than 22 years.

Our company located in Sofia,Bulgaria.

We provide wide range of business services like:

– Accountancy provided under National Accounting Standarts or International Accounting Standarts.

– Audit, statutory audit,provided by sertyfied public accountants.
Audit services are provided in accordance of Internatianal Audit Standarts /IFAC /.

– Tax consulting.

– Transformation of companies
The companies may be transformed through acquisition, merger, split, spin-off and divestiture of a sole-owner company, as well as through change of the legal form.

– Formation of companies.